How to Prepare Yourself for Prom

How to Prepare Yourself for Prom
Prom Letters clipped to a stringProm can be a very stressful time for everyone. You may ask yourself: What color dress? What shoes? What kind of corsage? All of these are good questions. All in all it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear or the color of your dress, it matters what you feel most confident in. If you are worried about the corsage, I promise it does not matter how nice it is or if the flowers are real or fake, it is all about the thought. Take some of the stress away and just focus on having the night of your life.

There are many places to find the perfect outfit but the majority of prom dress stores are extremely overpriced. Places such as thrift stores or The Dress Code have really good deals on cute dresses. I have never worn a tuxedo before but I'm sure there are good places to look, maybe the place next to Thou Art, but I am not really sure.

Week Of Preparations: You should probably go get your nails done. In my professional opinion, I suggest you go with something super simple and not too crazy. I also suggest that you whiten your teeth since you will be getting tons of pictures and no one wants their teeth to look yellow. Also you should probably practice your poses for pictures. We all have friends that like to only post pictures that THEY look good in, so you might want to make sure you have some good poses to work with as all.

I wish you the best of luck!

By: Hannah Parker