Superintendent's Message

Students Return August 15th

NEW ***********UPDATE ON PICK UP/DROP OFF (See below)

Berne Union will see students returning to school on Thursday, August 15th. The summer has been very busy for staff as many took classes and attended workshops for new ideas to use in the classroom. Several projects were started this summer inside and outside the building.  The second floor of the elementary had to be repaired as a section of the original wood floor under the tile was dipping, requiring new supports underneath to level the floor. In front of the school, new drainage is being installed to route water away from the building and new basins were installed on the playground area to prevent ponding of water during heavy rains.  

As the piping is installed for new drains, this project will be in cooperation with a new turning lane to be constructed in front of the school facing Main Street.  Once completed, parents will use this lane for pick up and drop off of students.  Until the lane is completed, parents will need to drop off and pick up students in front of the building on Main Street with students exiting cars on the sidewalk.  No student should be dropped off and expected to cross Main Street. Teachers will be present to help with unloading and loading of students.

The high school gymnasium has been painted and will eventually see school designs and logos on the walls.  Bleachers are being repaired as motors to roll out the bleachers are failing and some seats that had holes will be replaced.

School Resource Officer Jason Costlow completed training this summer to work with staff on safety drills and to train staff on issues that affect students.  The district safety plan has been approved by Homeland Security and staff and students will continue safety drills as required by the state. The district is currently working with Worker's Compensation on more safety grants to further protect people on school grounds. 

New Staff Members for the 2019-20 School Year

Parents and students will see new faces throughout the buildings this year due to retirements and staff moving.  New funding from the state has afforded us the opportunity to have a full time elementary guidance counselor. New to the schools are the following:

Elementary Guidance- Lindsey Deye
Preschool- Krista Ruthers replacing Emily Fox
Kindergarten- Emily Welch replacing Shelba Roach
Second Grade - Karla Chapman moving from 3rd replacing Janet Browning
Third Grade- Chelsea Clemans replacing Mrs. Chapman who moved to 2nd grade
Fifth Grade- Lee Ann Mason replacing Mary Beth Hackworth
High School English- Lindsay Lenart replaces Mrs. McEvoy who moved to 8th grade English
High School Inclusion- Tyler Mason replacing Lindsay Hanes

As always, please contact me at (740) 746-8341 or email should you have questions or concerns.  I hope your summer was enjoyable!

Richard Spindler

District Headlines

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Spires Scholarship Opportunity Announced!
The Berne Union Veterans Committee would once again like to announce the “Mike Spires Community Service Scholarship.” Mike Spires was a military veteran who continued his commitment to service after his enlisted time ended. Mike was a great leader of our community and a huge supporter of anything and everything Berne Union. To ensure his legacy we have created this annual scholarship to be awarded to a Berne Union Senior who has exemplified the same qualities of Mike including, experience in community service and/or volunteerism as well as qualities of compassion towards others.
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Red Cross Information Sheet
Blood Drive
Berne Union and the Red Cross will be hosting a blood drive Wednesday, October 23, 2019 from 11 am to 5 pm in the Multi-purpose Gym. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email Mrs. Williard at
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Image of the 2019 yearbooks
The 2019 yearbooks have arrived!
If you wish to pick up a purchased yearbook, call the high school office before noon (740-746-9956), provide a name, and pick it up by the end of the day. If you call later than noon, you will have to pick up the yearbook during the next school day.
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