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The Berne Union Orbital is written and produced by Mrs. Destadio’s Journalism class, a group of students in the 10th through 12th grade. Students publish monthly articles with information about activities in the High school, trending social media topics and the latest news around the world. The class also produces weekly video announcements to update students on news from the school and in the world. Videos are posted to the Youtube channel, BU Launchpad.



Pic of Colorado
My Trip to Colorado with My Mother...
On January 7, 2021 I departed from John Glenn Columbus International Airport to Denver, Colorado. This was my first time going on a plane in a while, and I was nervous. I was doing okay until the exact middle of the flight. I began to get pale and lightheaded; I did indeed begin to sob on my mother's shoulder. I am 18 years of age so it was quite embarrassing. I was fine after my little crying incident. Until…….. MY MOM CLAPPED WHEN THE PLANE LANDED. I was immediately filled with embarrassment once again.
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Shadow figure looking depressed while sitting in a chair
Seasonal Depression
As the holiday season comes to an end, new challenges approach for some. Around this time of year is when a lot of people experience seasonal depression. Seasonal depression is when someone experiences depression correlated with a certain time of year. The depression is triggered by a lack of exposure to daylight. This can be especially hard for those in school. Keeping up with the workload, participating in extracurriculars, and taking care of mental and physical health can be a difficult task.
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New Year New You written on a tablet
New Year New You
2020 is over and if you messed up last year then now's the time for a fresh start. Although many people have new year's resolutions most people aren't very good at keeping them. If you're not good at keeping your resolutions then you should start small instead of going all in and expecting it to work out. If you are having troubles thinking of resolutions or want one you can try to keep then here are some for you….
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Spread Positivity
2021: A Year of Positivity
In my lifetime, never has a dreary disposition overtaken so many people at the same time. The events of the past year, which will not be discussed as it would completely overrule the purpose of this article, have, in a sense, humbled the happy expectations of life which most people hold dear. We were not far along in the year before we started recognizing the depth of the issues we would face. Violence, hatred, and fear reigned over our society for the majority of 2020 with no end in sight. Only with a new year did we expect the universe to have a change of heart and pity our bleak reality. But that did not happen, or it at least did not happen immediately, which is why as a New Year’s Resolution, and a way to avoid becoming calloused by society in both mind and age, I have decided to not only focus on the positives of life but seek them out. I encourage others to do this as well, for we have no more understanding of the future now than we did last March; we might as well hope for the best instead of expecting the worst.
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phone with 3d model coming out
Technology of tomorrow
The Consumer Electronics Show or CES is an annual January convention typically held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year it was a virtual event, but in true CES fashion, many innovative technology-related ideas, products, and concepts were announced and demonstrated. It should be worth mentioning that just because something is shown off at CES does not mean it will ever be released as a real product that you can go out and buy. However, even concept devices are still important demonstrations of innovations and the way of progress.
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shaking a soldier's hand
Downplaying Her Doctorate
By definition, the term doctorate, commonly used in titles as “Dr.”, refers to the highest form of degree earned in a graduate school. While there is a common misconception that the prefix “Dr.” refers solely to those within the medical field, that is not the case.
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Basketball Season
This basketball season has been very different compared to past seasons due to Covid. Nonetheless, both boys and girls have had some impressive accomplishments this year. The girls varsity basketball team has a record of 15-1 and are currently undefeated in the league. The boys basketball team is currently 6-5 but have had a less fortunate time being able to play all of their games due to several cancellations.
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