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The Berne Union Orbital is written and produced by Mrs. Destadio’s Journalism class, a group of students in the 10th through 12th grade. Students publish monthly articles with information about activities in the High school, trending social media topics and the latest news around the world. The class also produces weekly video announcements to update students on news from the school and in the world. Videos are posted to the Youtube channel, BU Launchpad.



Seniors 2020
We Stand With the Class of 2020
On April 20th, Governor Mike Dewine announced that all schools, K-12, will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This affected students worldwide, but especially the class of 2020. What was once going to be the school year that was full of senior skip days, tag, prom, senior sports, and graduation is now a school year full of cancellations, postponements and moments that they will never get back. The Berne Union community has done a few things already to honor the class including sending out signs, a virtual Facebook frame to show support, and lighting up the football field with 2020 displayed across the scoreboard. Everyone is just trying to let the seniors know that all their hard work is appreciated and that their 13 years of work will not go to waste. With this pandemic affecting their class the most, I asked seniors Jayne Muncie, Meadow Sharpe, and Elly Diehl a few questions regarding their thoughts and feelings about their senior year ending early.
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Star Wars Poster
Joining the Dark Side
It is roughly estimated that about 90% of the United States population has seen at least one film from the Star Wars franchise and I’m here to inform you that I am, sadly, a part of the 10% that has never seen one. I find it just as odd and enraging as you do. Ever since I was little, I have had an infatuation with Storm Troopers and R2-D2, but I have never made it to watch any of the movies. In honor of May 4, National Star Wars day if you didn’t know, I thought I would join the dark side and review each of the movies from a first-time seers point of view.
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Image of a person in a facemark
A Second Wave
The city of Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus pandemic was believed to begin, has discharged all coronavirus patients. They reportedly only have 3 new cases and no recent deaths. China, which had recorded over 82,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 5,000 deaths, is beginning to gradually reopen and resume an almost normal lifestyle.
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Image of vegetables
Stay healthy
During this time there isn’t much we can do other than binge-watch new shows and eat food. However, we should be using the time to get healthy. Now is a perfect time to start healthier eating habits or a new workout. Pinterest LogoKeeping your body healthy is so important.
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Image of a dig
The Grave History of Hart Island
While the number of cases of Covid-19 rises steadily in the U.S., Americans are left with only one choice to combat it: staying at home. As of right now, there have been over 980,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the United States. New York has become the country’s epicenter of the virus, acquiring almost 294,000 of those cases. Despite the Stay-At-Home order, the virus still spreads among the close-living city dwellers of New York. Because of the surge of hospitalizations and unfortunate deaths, New York has once again had to make a dreary decision when it comes to where the bodies of unidentified coronavirus victims will be buried.
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Image of a woman with hands on her head
Quarantine on the Mind
Let’s be honest, we have all claimed that this quarantine is making us “go insane.” This self-quarantine has lasted over a month now, which according to many, is long enough. While you may not technically be going insane, there is no doubt that the isolation could definitely be taking a toll on your mental health. During these stressful times, your physical health is not the only thing you should be aware of. You should also be making sure that your mental health is not dropping drastically.
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Image of a heart cutout in colorful puzzle pieces
The Perfect Piece
Through all of the chaos around COVID-19, we cannot fail to recognize the good happening in America this month. April is dedicated to raising awareness for all of those who fall under the autism spectrum, including those who have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Every April 2nd the foundation Autism Speaks celebrates National Autism Awareness Day, and then uses the rest of the month as a way to share experiences and stories with the rest of the nation in order to bring awareness and help inform people on autism. Along with speaking about Autism, other events such as marathons and public speaking events are hosted throughout the month (however the global pandemic has hindered said activities). Yet there is still hope to raise awareness during quarantine;
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