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The Berne Union Orbital is written and produced by Mrs. Destadio’s Journalism class, a group of students in the 10th through 12th grade. Students publish monthly articles with information about activities in the High school, trending social media topics and the latest news around the world. The class also produces weekly video announcements to update students on news from the school and in the world. Videos are posted to the Youtube channel, BU Launchpad.



Scorpio Sign
It’s Scorpio Season!
As a Libra, Scorpios are pretty low on my sign compatibility chart. However, they are some of my favorite people. I don’t know if it’s their mysterious personas or their intense personalities, but I find them so intriguing. Which I really shouldn’t, we have a 29% compatibility rate… Sad I know. This is why all my relationships fail… Anyway! Here is a list of my top ten favorite Scorpios!
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Dr. Anthony Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Nation’s Doctor
The transfer of power between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden currently and will most definitely continue to make headlines in the future. As both sides ran their campaigns, multiple scandals, lies, and cover-ups, ran alongside them. Americans had grown tired of the election before it really even began. Then, as though some almighty force remembered it was 2020, our worst nightmare of a four-day election period came true. While some celebrated the outcome and others grumbled grievances, there was one function of the government that remained standing and more determined than ever to prevail over his own opponent. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a household name since March, will be continuing to advise our next president on the novel Coronavirus pandemic.
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Molding Playdoh
How Being a Big Has Changed Me
During my sophomore year of high school, the opportunity to be a part of the Big Brother Big Sister program was offered to me. I began meeting with my little, Jax, that year, and this decision is something that I will forever treasure. Jax didn’t open up to me at first. We would begin our meetings in silence, would spend our 45 minute period together in silence, and then walk back to his classroom in silence. However, the reticence never made me feel uncomfortable nor made me question my advisor’s decision to match Jax and me together. I knew that slowly, in time, our meetings would be full of conversation and laughter. Thankfully, I was right.
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Harry Potter Characters
The Characters of Harry Potter: Ranked
I compiled a list of some of the main characters of Harry Potter and ranked them along with an explanation of how I felt about that character. There are a lot of spoilers so if you have not seen or read the series, be wary of this.
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Joe Biden
The Aftermath
Amidst the chaos of 2020, the United States dealt with the 2020 presidential election or more specifically the lack of an answer when it came to the election. People all across the nation, and even in other countries, watched in anticipation as the states counted their ballots. On November 7, four long, tense, days after the election, Joe Biden was announced the 46th president of the United States, with Kamala Harris as the first woman Vice President.
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Playstation vs Xbox
New Consoles, Which One Should You Buy?
One of the few good things happening this year is the launch of the next generation of gaming consoles. While each console is loaded with many new features and some drawbacks, the most important thing to remember is get the one that your friends are getting, get the one that can play your favorite games, and if possible, avoid spending unnecessary money.
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Kid taking a nap
Why We Need Nap Time
Nap time is probably one of top tier privileges given to students during their early education. Most people can probably look back on their childhood and remember a time where it was a common part of their daily schedule to take a nap during school. Although most of us as children were likely fussing and refusing to take this time to our advantage, it sounds like the majority of high school students could really use some quality napping. So why do they stop giving this time to students at a certain age? And why is nap time really so important?
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