Grove Academy

New Rocket LogoGrove Academy is a partnership between Berne Union High School and Pearson Online & Blended Learning which allows Berne Union students in grades 7-12 to take virtual classes outside of Berne Union's own classrooms. Students can choose from a wide variety of subjects, such as math, language arts, science, social studies, world languages, arts, health, business, technology, or even career-specific courses. Each course is designed to be finished in a semester or less; high school courses are worth 1//2 credit and often provide a positive impact on a student's GPA. Middle school classes are worth MS credit; each class prepares students for independent learning. Online teachers from Pearson directly teach and communicate with students throughout their courses, while Mrs Helt provides coaching and progress-monitoring on a local level. Grove Academy has grown steadily each year. Check out our Course List (with course descriptions) and Enrollment Agreement here or reach out to Mrs. Helt at [email protected]. We invite you to join the hundreds of BU students who have successfully gotten a head start on life with Grove Academy virtual classes.