2021: A Year of Positivity

2021: A Year of Positivity
Spread PositivityIn my lifetime, never has a dreary disposition overtaken so many people at the same time. The events of the past year, which will not be discussed as it would completely overrule the purpose of this article, have, in a sense, humbled the happy expectations of life which most people hold dear. We were not far along in the year before we started recognizing the depth of the issues we would face. Violence, hatred, and fear reigned over our society for the majority of 2020 with no end in sight. Only with a new year did we expect the universe to have a change of heart and pity our bleak reality. But that did not happen, or it at least did not happen immediately, which is why as a New Year’s Resolution, and a way to avoid becoming calloused by society in both mind and age, I have decided to not only focus on the positives of life but seek them out. I encourage others to do this as well, for we have no more understanding of the future now than we did last March; we might as well hope for the best instead of expecting the worst.

For our wishful expectations to be fulfilled, hope paired with an incessant need to be one’s own light is required. I do not mean that we cannot rely on others, just that as individuals we need to find within ourselves the source of our happiness. This can come from any number of things, whether it be family, friends, activities, or personal hobbies. I only encourage you to take the time to do something that brings you joy. As you contemplate this request, review a secondhand account of the events that have given me and many others relief from a world determined to only acknowledge the bad.

Within our school community, the girls’ basketball team started the year off right by securing their position as the Associated Press Division IV basketball poll’s No. 1 team in the state. As of right now, their record is 15-1 and they are ranked as the third team in the state. Capitalizing on this season is Senior Bella Kline. She recently broke the school’s all-time scoring record for both boys and girls. Considering the uncertainty of winter sports this year, the success of the girls’ basketball team has provided a sense of relief and normalcy for players, parents, and general spectators.

This next positive may be controversial, but it still deserves recognition: Berne Union has resumed in-person learning! I never thought the day would come when students were eager to return to the classroom; of course, as soon as the relaxed version of online school became routine the hope of going back diminished, but most still appreciate the traditional learning style. Not only were students allowed back into the classroom, but those who volunteer in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program were able to meet with their littles face-to-face for the first time since mid-November.

This year we will also see the widespread distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. Select groups of people have already received their vaccine and had a positive experience. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, most average people will be able to receive their own vaccine by June without an appointment. Think of going to your local pharmacy and getting your flu shot, the simplicity of that yearly visit will eventually be compared to the administering of the long-awaited vaccine. The end of mask-wearing is also approaching. Once the vaccine has reached between fifty to seventy percent of the population, masks in public will no longer be required. This momentous occasion has no set date, but it is still something to look forward to.

Tokyo, Japan’s postponed Olympics are also going to be taking place this summer. Not only will new athletes be able to compete, but four new sports will make their debut. Fans of karate, climbing, surfing, and skateboarding will be able to enjoy this weeklong competition like never before. Two other sports, baseball and softball, will be on the Olympic lineup for the first time since the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, China. The postponement of the games last year was upsetting to many, but hopefully, the freshness of this year’s competition will make it worth the wait.

For all the space aficionados out there, February 18th is a day to get excited about. On this day NASA’s Perseverance rover will be deployed to Mars in search of ancient life. It sounds like a sci-fi novel, but it will in fact happen with proof. Anyone can watch its journey to the Red Planet on NASA’s Youtube channel. According to Newsweek, its mission is to “poke around the 30-mile-wide Jezero Crater, the site of a river valley that dried up billions of years ago.” While it is in the crater it will measure the chemical composition of objects in the crater and take pictures as it goes along.

The unfortunate events of 2020 have crept into 2021 seamlessly, after all a new year only signifies the end of a year, not the end of its problems. But despite these continuations of horrors past, there are many reasons to be thankful for the new year. New opportunities, exciting discoveries, and quests for self-reliance await us. There has never been a better time to stick with a resolution to be positive; welcome the unknown and invite the wonderfully unexpected.

By: Addie Hedges