My Trip to Colorado with My Mother

My Trip to Colorado with My Mother...
Pic of ColoradoOn January 7, 2021 I departed from John Glenn Columbus International Airport to Denver, Colorado. This was my first time going on a plane in a while, and I was nervous. I was doing okay until the exact middle of the flight. I began to get pale and lightheaded; I did indeed begin to sob on my mother's shoulder. I am 18 years of age so it was quite embarrassing. I was fine after my little crying incident. Until…….. MY MOM CLAPPED WHEN THE PLANE LANDED. I was immediately filled with embarrassment once again.

We landed in Denver around 9:00 in the morning. We traveled with another woman, Renee, whose children live in Colorado. Within the first 4 hours of being with Renee my mother talked about my grandmother dying, my childhood dog dying, and she also outed me to Renee. I love my mom very much but she just doesn’t know when to stop sometimes.

We stayed in Salida, Colorado which is 3 hours away from the Denver Airport. We stayed in an airbnb and we spent about an hour trying to unlock the door… both of the women I was with are around 50 years old and like I have previously stated I am 18 years old. They are both much older than me, however I felt like I was the adult and they were the kids; they didn’t know how to use the GPS, open the lock box to get into the house, or take pictures on their phone.

I don’t enjoy showing my affection to my family through touch so I get extremely bothered when my mom feels the need to try to hug me or kiss my cheek every five seconds. We went to go dog sledding about an hour away. The tour guides took us to the location of the dogs on a small bus. Yes the bus was small, but they were only taking the three of us, so there was plenty of room for us to spread out. But no, my mother felt like it was necessary to sit right next to me. She just doesn’t understand how to keep her distance.

I was in Colorado for four days and luckily I only had one mental breakdown. If I was there with them any longer I probably would’ve had more. Although there were a lot of bumps in the road I am excited to attend college there after high school (I will be attending Western Colorado University). I am extremely happy that I will be ALONE.

By: Hannah Parker