Favorite Toys of Each Decade

Favorite Toys of Each Decade
Magic 8 BallEach decade brings a changing culture, atmosphere, as well as constant innovation. This leads to different toys on the market, and completely different popular toys each decade. In the spirit of the holidays, this is a list of the most popular toys from each decade and what I think of each one.



Crayola Crayons- Similar to ones we know and love… but with way cooler packaging.


Raggety Ann and Andy

Raggedy Anne Dolls- I remember seeing these in my grandma’s house, but looking at them now, they are quite creepy.


Porcelain Doll

Madame Alexander dolls- the Roaring 20s brought on a classier doll, but not any less creepy.



Monopoly- This game’s fun and all but I don’t have the attention span to ever finish it and packaging back then doesn’t impress me.


Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball- I bet this was really disappointing for all the kids who got this and then became bored of it after a few days after realizing it wasn’t magic.


Mr Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head- This is when toys started getting innovative, I like this one.


Etch a Sketch

Etch a Sketch- once again, I love the innovation, there are endless possibilities with these and they are a solid gift that kids won’t get tired of.


Star Wars Action Figures

Star Wars Action Figures- I mean, I understand the appeal for children. It does not beat the Etch a Sketch, though.


Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cube- the aesthetic of these are very on-brand for the 80’s which I like. I have never been able to beat one but I’m sure it’s fun if you can.



Game Boy- Of course the 90s would have the best toy seeing as though it is the superior decade. No surprise there.


Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii- The Wii is literally my favorite gaming console ever invented. I still play my original Wii regularly.


Xbox One

Xbox One- I also have an Xbox One. It’s fun and all but the wii is more nostalgic so I overall like it better.

By: Mary McElfresh