2020: The Worst Year Ever

2020: The Worst Year Ever
Church Burning

While celebrating New Year’s Eve 2019, thoughts of 2020 could be described by one word: positive. Everyone was looking forward to the new decade that was upon us that we all thought was going to be full of new opportunities and new beginnings when in all reality, this year was a never-ending disaster. From the death of superstars and innocent victims of racial injustices, wildfires, a global pandemic, threats of World War 3, and death by murder hornets, these are only a few of the catastrophes that the world was faced with during this infinite year. Here is a summary of some of the most inconceivable events that occurred each month of 2020.

A plane crash occurred on January 26th resulting in the death of basketball star, Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others
The Trump impeachment trials began on January 29th
Australian Bush fires continue
Prince Harry and Megan Markle step down from royal duties
China documents first COVID case
First COVID case documented in Washington State
Great Britain exits the European Union

Kobe Bryant

Coronavirus is officially named COVID-19
Harvey Weinstein is sentenced
President Trump acquitted
First American dies of the Coronavirus
Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy
Mass shooting in Milwaukee, killing 5


Schools shut down nationwide
2020 Stock Market Crash
Breonna Taylor is killed
Air attack in Turkey
North Korea launches 6th projectile missile

Memorial Picture

Countries try to lift lockdowns
Kim Jong Un is suspected to be unwell
COVID cases worsen worldwide

Covid World Map

Murder hornets spotted in the US
George Floyd is killed
President Trump fires Steve Linick, the State Department Inspector General
Black Lives Matter protests begin

George Floyd

Black Lives Matter protests result in riots and looting of businesses
Fuel spills in Russia
Lebanon protests
Beijing goes into second lockdown
Yemen Humanitarian crisis
Mass graves are discovered in Libya

Black Lives Matter

Bubonic plague suspected in Mongolia
Gunman takes South African church hostage
Bus driver intentionally crashes in China, kills 21 and injures 15
Nates Cathedral catches on fire
Naya Rivera is found dead after being reported missing
Regis Philbin passes away

Church Burning

Hurricane Isaias strikes the Caribbean coast
Landslides occur in India
Wind storms in Iowa
A State of Emergency is declared in California
Flash flooding in Afghanistan
Chadwick Boseman passes away

Chadwick Boseman


BLM protests continue, reaches the 100th night
USPS/Postal Service faces financial issues
Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away
Breonna Taylor decision is made, protests begin
President Trump appoints Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, causes controversy
First Trump vs. Biden debate takes place

Presidential Debate

Monarch of Kuwait dies
Lebanon’s prime minister resigns
Protests take place in Nigeria, Thailand, and Poland
California wildfires


2020 election results, Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States
Voting backlash, Trump calls for recounts
Riots in Poland
Boy Scouts lawsuit
Election battle continues, causing violence in cities
Alex Trebek passes away

Alex Trebek


Second wave of COVID
Vaccine begins being distributed

Covid Vaccine

2020 will not be recalled with much gratitude or fondness by anyone, it was a year full of loss and grief. Here is to hoping that 2021 brings nothing but pleasant memories and positive opportunities.

By: Shyann Finefrock