Zodiac Signs and Christmas

Zodiac Signs and Christmas
Astrological ClockZodiac signs share characteristics of your personality based on your birthday. Today, you will find out which Christmas item or character you are most like based on your zodiac sign.

Capricorn (Dec.22- Jan. 19)
Capricorns are responsible and disciplined. They are very good managers and they enjoy family time and tradition. These characteristics are most similar to Santa Claus. Santa manages the elves year round making sure everything is ready for Christmas. He also loves family time and traditions like eating cookies and milk while delivering toys.

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb.18)
The Aquarius personality is pretty independent and uncompromising. They are fun with friends and dead set on making the world a better place much like snow. Snow is independent and uncompromising, it lands wherever it wants to, it doesn’t care who or what you are. Both snow and an Aquarius will not be intimidated by you.

Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20)
Most Pisces like to be alone and are very sad. However, they are very romantic when it comes to the right person… just like the Grinch. The Grinch lives on a mountain alone with just a dog and hardly any visitors. When he was younger he got made fun of and is still sad about it to this day. He hates everyone, other than beautiful Martha May.

Aries (Mar,21- Apr.19)
Aries are extremely confident and aggressive people. They are honest and love a good physical challenge. Buddy the Elf specifically in the snowball fight scene shows most of these characteristics. He was so excited to be in a snowball fight because it is a physical challenge and he is confident with his skills. Buddy makes the snowballs and wins all by himself. Yes, Michael was there but did he really do anything?

Taurus (Apr. 20- May 20)
Much like elves, Taurus are very hardworking and reliable. They both enjoy cooking and other hands-on activities, such as making toys. Taurus need to be loved and comfortable to be able to work hard…. Maybe that is why Santa is a human teddy bear.

Gemini (May 21- Jun. 20)
The Gemini personality is very gentle and affectionate, however, they can also be very curious and nervous in certain situations. Much like mistletoe. Mistletoe causes people to be very affectionate but can also make someone nervous if they get stuck under it with the wrong person. If you are a Gemini or there is mistletoe around be careful this holiday season ;).

Cancer (Jun. 21- Jul. 22)
Cancers are very emotional, moody, insecure, and persuasive. These people can be very dangerous if you're not careful. Cancers and Jack Frost are pretty much the same person. Jack Frost is very emotional and is constantly jealous of Santa and all that he has. Do your best to stay away from these people unless you are a Scorpio, Taurus, or a Virgo.

Leo (Jul. 23- Aug. 22)
If you're looking for someone that is warm-hearted and cheerful, a Leo is your person. These people are beautiful inside and out and they light up every room that they walk into. Leo's are very similar to a Christmas tree. Christmas trees are very unique and beautiful. They light up the room and are very cozy much like a Leo.

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)
A Virgo is someone who loves nature, is very hard-working and kind. You might want to have one of these people in your life because they are extremely loyal. Although all of Santa's reindeer have different personalities they are all loyal to him and hard-working. Both reindeer and a Virgo enjoy nature and food so don't leave your plate lying around if you’re with either of them.

Libra (Sep. 23- Oct.22)
Libras are super social and cooperative; they avoid confrontations unless one is needed. Clark Griswold has the same personality traits as a Libra. He loves talking to anybody and enjoys all the attention he gets. Whenever there is a problem he finds a way to get around it much like a Libra would do. Just make sure your lights are plugged in and that you don’t staple your glove to the roof.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21)
A Scorpio is someone who's very brave and passionate much like an ugly Christmas sweater. A Scorpio and an ugly Christmas sweater are both great things to have. They might look ugly at first but they will eventually make you feel good about yourself. Whatever you do, make sure you have one of these two things by your side.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec.21)
Sagittarius have a very good sense of humor and love having freedom, however, they don’t enjoy being alone with no family or friends around. Kevin McCallister in the movie Home Alone has a great sense of humor when he is trying to keep the nasty guys out of his home but he also wishes that his family was there to help him. Whatever you do make sure to always be there for a Sagittarius. P.S. Give this to Kevin.

By: Hannah Parker