The Characters of Harry Potter: Ranked

The Characters of Harry Potter: Ranked
Harry Potter CharactersI compiled a list of some of the main characters of Harry Potter and ranked them along with an explanation of how I felt about that character. There are a lot of spoilers so if you have not seen or read the series, be wary of this.

Severous Snape: Obviously Snape is not the most liked character as he had his obvious faults. Especially at the beginning of the series where he was just a bitter teacher that was mean to everyone for no reason. Overall though, he had the most complex and interesting character arch in the entire series and his ability to hide his true emotions made it that much more surprising when his true intentions and backstory was revealed.

Hermione Granger: Although Harry was the leader of the trio, and ultimately got the glory whenever they all defeated someone, Hermione was the entire brains behind the operation. Without her, Harry would have died so many times. They completely relied on her whenever they got into predicaments and to apparate in Deathly Hallows which saved them from death countless times.

Ron Weasley:
Ron does not get enough credit for his contributions during the series. With Harry and Hermione growing up in the muggle world, they would not have been able to get by without his knowledge of the wizarding world. Although he was not the best at spells, he was street smart and that was essential for Harry and Hermione to navigate their way around the unfamiliar world.

Harry Potter: Harry was the main character and ultimately made the most sacrifices and suffered the most throughout his life. He was always willing to be the brave one that gave up everything to save everyone. Because of this, he is one of the best characters obviously. The only reason he is below Ron and Hermione is because I feel like a lot of his success came from other people telling him what to do and helping him. He got by off of doing the bare minimum along with the natural talent he had.

Rubeus Hagrid: Hagrid is arguably the most wholesome and lovable character in Harry Potter. On top of this, I think he was a huge parental figure to Harry and was able to be an outlet for him to go to, especially in his earlier years at Hogwarts. My favorite trait about him is that he always tried to help the trio when they were uncovering a mystery but still warned them of dangers and urged them to be safe, unlike Dumbledore.

Draco Malfoy: At the beginning of the series, Draco was super annoying and a coward. His only personality trait was being rich and a Slytherin. Despite this, as he got older he had a lot of character development and the reader gets more incite into his terrible life where he is forced into being a deatheater. I liked watching his internal battle between his true feelings and what he was being told was his duty. He is a complex character and fun to psychoanalyze.

Remus Lupin: Remus was so wholesome and I loved him. Harry definitely idolized Sirius more but I think Remus was there for Harry more as Sirius was in hiding for the entire series. He was also able to be a good role model to Harry and no other teacher had taken him under their wing to the extent that Remus did.

Sirius Black: I really liked Sirius and he was probably the most important role model to Harry. I do think other characters did more for him which is why they are higher, but Harry connected with Sirius the most. Sirius was able to give Harry comfort in losing his parents and was truly Harry’s main father figure.

Bellatrix Lestrange: Bellatrix was obviously a ruthless villain and killed like every one of Harry’s parental figures but every story needs a good villain. I loved how unstable she was and she was honestly really funny. I think her character is a big part of what makes the story interesting and she was a way better villain than Voldemort.

Luna Lovegood: Luna was honestly the best role model in the entire series. She showed that it is okay to be yourself even if others don’t understand you. She was completely content in her own skin and did not listen to those saying she was weird. This complete confidence in her own abilities is what led to her suggesting the idea about Ravenclaw’s Diadem being a Horcrux despite those around questioning the idea.

Neville Longbottom:
I think Neville is very underappreciated by Harry. They both went through the same thing as their parents were killed by dark wizards but Harry pities Neville. They could have had a really good friendship over the bond of their similar traumas. Although he got the shaft from the trio, Neville was still extremely loyal and brave which makes him a really admirable character.

Fred and George Weasley: Fred and George were such loveable characters and some of the best people in the series. They did everything to make others happy and provided the comedic relief needed during the dark plots of the later books.

Ginny Weasley: Ginny was a good representation of female empowerment and I liked her and Harry together. The only reason she is farther down on the list is because she was really mean to Fleur for literally no reason.

Cho Chang: I really did not like Cho Chang. She pretty much gave us nothing most of the time and she was super annoying about her conflicting feelings with Cedric and Harry. I think it was weird how she kissed Harry directly after Cedric died.

Albus Dumbledore: Dumbledore set Harry up from birth to literally die. Obviously, Dumbledore couldn’t have changed fate but he allowed Harry to risk his life over and over without helping him much or telling him what was coming for him in the end. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had to figure everything out on their own.

Voldemort: He is kind of self explanatory but if Voldemort would have been smarter, I would have made him higher on the list. He made his Horcruxes the most obvious things ever and hid them all in the UK? He also failed to kill Harry every time he tried except for when Harry literally just let him. If Bellatrix was the main villain she probably would have killed Harry the first time she ever saw him.

Percy Weasley: Percy is literally below the dark lord because of how much I despise him. He is a know-it-all that would not let anyone have fun. His aura is probably the color of sewer water because his presence is just so unpleasant. He sucked the fun out of every situation and I literally loathe him.

By: Mary McElfresh