2020 Fairfield County Fair

2020 Fairfield County Fair
2020 Fairfield County FairThe Fairfield County fair was Sunday October 11th through Saturday October 17th. This year the fair was different from every other year because of the coronavirus. This year the fair had no rides and limited food trucks. Although the fair wasn´t the same the kids in 4H still got to show off the hard work they put in with their animals.

Some of the people from our school that show in the fair are Aleah Smiley, Alexa Bowers, Mckenna Bolen, Chase Bolen, Carson Bauer, Samantha Hurst, Lexie Hyme, Elena Smith, Kaya Johnson, Makenna Liff, Summer Barrett, and Justin Krile. Congratulations to all the participants in the county fair. They worked hard all year and made the community proud.

Samantha Hurst was crowned the 2020-21 Fairfield country Lamb and Wool Queen. The job of a Lamb and Wool Queen is to attend the 4-H Sheep show, the open class sheep show, the 4-H Livestock Sale and any other activities that promote the Lamb & Wool industry.

I interviewed Samamtha to hear about her experience. I asked her what her favorite part about being queen was; she said the best part was being able to see all the little kids watching the shows and being able to go to the other fairs. I asked her what some of her responsibilities were and she said she gave people rewards and took pictures for the champion sheep in the sale. The final question I asked her was what was different about being queen this year than the queens in the past due to the virus. She said what was different this year was she was crowned at her house instead of at the Guys and Gals Sheep Lead, and all the interviews were virtual. Congratulations Samantha and everyone else in the Fairfield County 2020-21 Fair.

By: Shana Baker