What to get me for my 18th birthday

What to get me for my 18th birthday

My birthday is on October 28. Although this is coming out after my special day, I will still accept gifts. Here are 18 suggestions for my 18th birthday!

  1. FLOWERS. Flowers are a great gift to receive at any time of the year so I will definitely be grateful if you would like to get me some.
  2. SPOOKY BASKET. Spooky basket inspiration can be found on social media, Pinterest and the internet. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I will love anything you put in it.
  3. MASKS. Because we will need them for the rest of our lives.
  4. DR MARTENS. 2976 Yellow Stitch Smooth Leather Chelsea Boots, white size 10
  5. BLANKET. I love blankets. Just get me one.
  6. RUBBER BIRKENSTOCKS. Size 9 any color
  7. CAR/ AIR FRESHENER. I love all the different scents they have, the smells are super nice and I always enjoy my car and room smelling good.
  8. CHAPSTICK. All mine melted over the summer so I need a new supply.
  9. OVERSIZED CLOTHES. Obviously I wear oversized clothes every day and I could use more.
  10. A NEW PHONE. Pretty self explanatory: I dropped it, someone stepped on it, it’s not doing too good right now.
  11. A NEW WIG. Mine looks like straw and it’s super embarrassing
  12. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. TSHIRT. I love him and I would love to have a tshirt with him on it.
  13. A NEW FRIEND. Ashlyn smells like diarrhea
  14. STARBUCKS GIFT CARD. I am broke but I go every day…. Please help.
  16. TO GO TO A JUICE WRD CONCERT ….. R.I.P to my fav.
  17. A NEW FRIEND. Ashlyn still smells like diarrhea
  18. A BOYFRIEND. I need someone to get me birthday presents and take long walks on the beach with me.
By: Hannah Parker