We Stand With the Class of 2020

We Stand With the Class of 2020
Seniors 2020

On April 20th, Governor Mike Dewine announced that all schools, K-12, will be closed through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This affected students worldwide, but especially the class of 2020. What was once going to be the school year that was full of senior skip days, tag, prom, senior sports, and graduation is now a school year full of cancellations, postponements and moments that they will never get back. The Berne Union community has done a few things already to honor the class including sending out signs, a virtual Facebook frame to show support, and lighting up the football field with 2020 displayed across the scoreboard. Everyone is just trying to let the seniors know that all their hard work is appreciated and that their 13 years of work will not go to waste. With this pandemic affecting their class the most, I asked seniors Jayne Muncie, Meadow Sharpe, and Elly Diehl a few questions regarding their thoughts and feelings about their senior year ending early.

“How do you feel about senior year ending early?”
Meadow: “I was very upset with how my senior year ended. I wish I could have participated in all of the senior activities that were cut short from us. Now, I’m moving on and thinking about college, but still getting my school work done.”

Jayne: “I’m crushed knowing that I was not able to finish out my last year with some of the people I have grown to love and that I wouldn’t be able to participate in our senior traditions.”

Elly: “While I am very upset about my senior year ending so early, I am able to remember all the good times I have had throughout my high school career.”

“What or who are you going to miss the most?”
Meadow: “I will miss all of my friends and all of my teachers that helped me throughout my high school years.”

Jayne: “I will say I am honestly going to miss my friends that I got to meet during my years of track and marching band and most of my teachers.”

Elly: “I am going to miss my art class. I loved hanging out with my friends and experimenting on different types of ceramic methods.”

“What is one thing you want the other seniors to know/remember?”
Meadow: “I just want to thank my class for always supporting me and making the best out of what we got. We will get through this and I hope each and every one of you accomplish your goals for your future.”

Jayne: “I would want the other seniors to remember that we are all going through this together and we need to be there for each other and support one another through these hard times because we are all losing something that should have been very important to us.”

Elly: “I would like them to know that through this hard time we must not get lost in what has happened, but in our future and all the good things still to come.”

2020 Yard Signs

This is a school year that will be going down in history with students that have bright futures ahead of them. All of you are in our thoughts at this time and we only wish you the best. Continue to do great things, we are all excited to see what your futures hold.

Written by: Shyann Finefrock