Covid Dashboard

Berne Union COVID-19 Dashboard
In an effort to keep our Berne Union community updated about current positive COVID-19 cases (students and staff) within Berne Union Local Schools, we are providing regular updates to this dashboard.

Current confirmed positive
Current exposed* students & staff self-quarantined/undergoing testing  
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Please note that due to HIPAA (medical privacy) laws, we are not able to provide names or
identifying information of individuals who have tested positive.

If/when a student or staff member tests positive, School Nurse Mikaela Shriner will contact those who must quarantine, mask, and/or be tested due to continued close contact with the person who tested positive. Questions about Covid testing and our school guidelines may be directed to Nurse Mikaela at 740-746-5506 during school hours, or at [email protected] after hours.

A link to our complete operating models and plan can be found here.