Taking New Year, New Me Seriously

Taking New Year, New Me Seriously
2020 in a flower pot with small 2021 flower potsIf you’re anything like me, the new year is the time that you convince yourself that you are going to finally better yourself. You spend New Year’s Eve crafting the perfect list of new year's resolutions, ranging anywhere from waking up earlier, working out, reading more, or just not procrastinating as often. However, when your alarm goes off the next morning because you’re going to get a workout in before sunrise, you hit snooze and then roll over with an “I’ll start tomorrow” attitude. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m in the same boat and so is most of the world. It is estimated that only about 8% of Americans actually complete their resolutions with 80% falling short by the beginning of February. Even though they’re not always complete, millions still set goals to better themselves in the new year. It is said one of the biggest reasons that resolutions sometimes fall short is because they are not specific enough. It is way easier to walk away from a goal that is vague than it is from one that is more clear-cut. Here are some tips to make your resolutions more definite and to stay motivated to complete them.

  1. Choose a Specific Goal
  2. Whether the goal is to work out more or to even just get out of bed earlier, you have to make sure that the goal is super distinct. Instead of having one huge goal, break the goal down into smaller achievable goals. This will keep you motivated and remain ambitious about reaching the final result.

  3. Actually Put Time and Thought Into Your Goals
  4. Are you really going to stick with that goal that you wrote down on a paper towel at 11:59 on New Year’s Eve? Definitely not. Experts suggest that brainstorming resolutions that will actually help and better you and the process of achieving them will keep you more motivated than just writing a random goal into the notes app on your phone. Create a very detailed, written out version of your goals that is easy to access. It also helps if you are able to visually see the checklist to complete your goal.

  5. Take Small Steps
  6. You’re not going to instantly start waking up at 6 am when you usually don’t roll out of bed until 2 pm. Taking on too much too quickly will almost certainly lead to failure. Instead of overdoing yourself, make small goals that are easier to complete and then as time goes on, work your way up to the big goal. A healthy habit is not formed overnight.

  7. Avoid Repeating the Past and Change is a Process
  8. If your resolution last year was to not go back to your ex and you miraculously failed, well I hate to tell you but that wouldn’t be a good goal to have again this year. That was a self call out, but I’m taking my own advice, and that’s not one of my resolutions this year. We all know I’d fail anyway. To try and repeat a goal creates a sense of self-disbelief, if you’ve already tried a goal and it didn’t work out then you’re not going to believe you’d be able to complete it again. However, if you do try a goal again, reevaluate it and try a different approach. Change does not happen in a matter of days or weeks though. To be motivated for a goal, you have to understand that it is a process. Don’t worry, you can restart your journey as many times as you’d like and if it takes more than a year to achieve your goal, just remember the journey you’ve been on so far and how you are nearing the results.

  9. Learn and Adapt as You Go
  10. Changing your lifestyle may not always work in the ways it does for everyone else. Sticking with a new year’s resolution can be a learning process for anyone and to complete it, it may be a learning experience about yourself. If you suddenly revert back to an old habit, don’t take it as a failure. Figure out what caused it and adapt it to your new plan of completing the goal. If a workout doesn’t work for you or a diet, try something new. You are the only one who knows what will motivate you and aid you in continuing on the path of bettering yourself.

    By: Shyann Finefrock