Spring Sports

Spring Sports
Track ScheduleSpring sports officially started February 22nd with more excitement than ever. Athletes actually get to have their season this year whether it’s in softball, baseball, or track. Starting with softball they have had a pretty good start as they have taken on Lancaster, Johnstown, and West Jeff for their scrimmages and kept it a close game with two of them. Baseball has also kept close with two out of their three scrimmages as they have played Liberty Union, Trimble, and Fairfield Union. Track continues to practice daily, but has not had a meet yet (their first is on April 6). However, just like any other sport season that has taken place there are rules and regulations to follow such as making sure to be wearing face coverings and to maintain social distancing. These are just a few small things you can do to help us keep our seasons going. That being said here are the schedules:

Track Schedule

Softball Schedule

Baseball Schedule

By: Abbi Hintz