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Shyann’s Top Ten Celebrities That We Can Appreciate During Quarantine
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Right now, more than ever, everybody needs somebody to look up to, whether that be just to offer a laugh or to deliver a hopeful message. With that being said, here are my top ten celebrities that I feel like we can all appreciate while we are in quarantine.

1. Adam Driver - Did you really think this would be a list that I made if the hottest man alive wasn’t on it? Adam Douglas Driver holds the number one place on my list and the number one spot in my heart. This beautiful man has a list of movies that I recommend watching and that I have been watching on repeat since quarantine started. I don’t know about you but the mere sight of his face just makes me happy.

Adam Driver

2. Misha Collins - An angel in real life and the man that portrays the angel Cas on Supernatural. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Misha has made it his mission to ensure that people are staying positive. He has made many donations of medical supplies and posts on his social media platforms ways to help those in need as well as his appreciation for medical professionals. He has also expressed his worry for people’s mental states at this time and has created ways for people to speak to others around them and even to himself. He is just a kind-hearted person that we should all appreciate no matter if we are in quarantine or not.

Misha Collins

3. Adam Sandler - I feel like this is the most controversial person I could put on a “Beautiful Person” list, but this is my list and I think he’s kind of hot. Adam Sandler is just another comedian that can lift anybody’s mood. He has countless movies that you could watch and, lucky for you, we’re in quarantine and not allowed to leave the house, so you can have an Adam Sandler marathon! Just make sure you start with The Cobbler or The Wedding Singer.

Adam Sandler

4. Oprah Winfrey - Oprah is someone that we all know is full of wisdom and positivity. I think that we should all be thankful that we’re living in a world that Oprah Winfrey is in. If you’re feeling down, watch a video of Oprah giving advice, read one of her books, cook one of her recipes (if it happens to be the Maya Angelou’s Banana Pudding… please bring me some. We can even practice social distancing and the exchange can be made 6 feet apart), or find a video of her in her garden. Her love for her garden is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Oprah Winfrey

5. Lily Collins - Other than being drop-dead gorgeous and my favorite actress, Lily Collins has made an effort to leave a positive mark on the online community during this time. She posts every few days to her Instagram to remind her followers to remain hopeful during this pandemic and to remember that everyone is in this together. Her positive outlook and optimism is something that we should all appreciate right now.

Lily Collins

6. Tom Hanks - I think we could all say that Tom Hanks has played a large roll in most of our childhoods and if you’re me, you grew up watching the Toy Story movies on repeat and still do into your teenage years. He and his wife were recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and have kept the world up to date with their isolation and recovery process. They have both recovered and along with the rest of the world, I hope that they remain healthy and Tom can get back to entertaining us all soon.

Tom Hanks

7. John Mulaney - This breathtakingly beautiful comedian had to make an appearance on my list. He is also a comedian that lifts my mood with just his personality alone. He has a few comedy specials on Netflix that I highly recommend and if you would… please watch Oh Hello: On Broadway. I need someone else to appreciate it as much as I do.

John Mulaney

8. Melissa McCarthy - A hilarious woman that can get me laughing no matter what mood I’m in. She has lots of movies to choose from and no matter which one you watch, her acting skills and characters will bring you a smile. Her comedy and personality is something that we should all appreciate right now.

Melissa McCarthy

9. Ben Barnes - Ben Barnes is an actor that everyone should know from watching Sons of Liberty in Mr. Little’s class and if you happened to not be paying attention, he portrayed Sam Adams. Ben uploads almost daily singing videos to his Instagram and I don’t know about you, but his angelic voice is one of the major reasons I haven’t gone crazy yet.

Ben Barnes

10. Tyler Cameron - I know what you’re all thinking… who even is this guy? He’s a contestant from the Bachelorette and yes, watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette is a very unhealthy obsession of mine. One of my biggest flaws, I know. Tyler is just a really hot person and, right now, we all just need a really hot person to appreciate. Also… How could Hannah choose Jed over this gorgeous human being?!

Tyler Cameron

Written by: Shyann Finefrock