Quarantine TikTok Trends

Quarantine TikTok Trends
TikTok PersonalityThis month (March) last year, the country went into its first lockdown from Covid. Anyone who had TikTok at that time knows that there were some interesting trends that came about in the midst of everyone’s boredom. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and discuss these old trends.

  1. Supalonely and Savage dance

  2. People did not know what to do with themselves so the best solution was to create overly complicated dances like supalonely to occupy everyone’s time.

    TikTok Personality

  3. When people’s parents would rate TikTok boys

  4. Basically, teenagers would pull up pictures of various male TikTok stars and have their parents rate them. This led to them usually saying mean things about the way they looked. This trend was never tasteful or appropriate but for some reason, people got away with it for a short amount of time. Eventually people started to question why grown women were commenting on teenage boys’ appearance and the trend was cancelled.

  5. Dying and cutting hair at home

  6. Months inside where no one can see you = the perfect time to drastically change your hair without help or experience. That was at least, the logic at the time. Although, I cannot judge because I participated in this as well, but would not recommend it.

    Home Dye and Hair Cut

  7. Timothee Chalamet

  8. There was honestly a new boy every month that people obsessed over, but Timothee was the most prominent over quarantine. There were endless edits of the dancing scene in the movie, “Call Me By Your Name” and one of the edits was so popular, male TikTok creators tried to remake it… very cringey.

    Timothee Chalamet

  9. Putting braids with beads in your hair

  10. A big trend started where people would put small braids in their hair and incorporate beads into the braids. This was very cute and fun in my opinion and was definitely one of my favorite trends.

    Bead Braid

  11. “Alt” TikTok

  12. This was probably the most cringey trend of them all. There became a separation on TikTok between the style of content. This was carried out by compilations of audios that only “alt” TikTok had on their ForYou page to which they would put a finger down for each one they knew. It was basically a competition to see who was the most “different” and “quirky”

  13. “Deep” TikTok

  14. This came as an aftermath to “alt” TikTok. People wanted to be even more different and quirky than the alt TikTok watchers which is when deep TikTok was created. Deep TikTok consisted of overly saturated videos on things like beans and frogs. It was a very weird time and now feels like a fever dream.

    Deep Tiktok

  15. Being the main character

  16. For some reason, a big trend started where everyone thought they would be the main character of a movie or TV show. This was shown through videos of people getting dressed up to walk around their neighborhood to show their neighbors that they were the “main character.” This, like alt and deep tiktok, was another competition to see who was the most different and quirky.

  17. Whipped Coffee

  18. I saved this one for last because it was the biggest trend of all. Basically, people would take instant coffee and mix it with water and sugar. They would then mix it until it whipped up and became like whipped cream. They would then incorporate it with milk to make “whipped coffee.” This was actually very good, 10/10 would recommend.

    whipped Coffee

    By: Mary McElfresh