Quarantine Caution TapeGood ole quarantine, as we know, you, as well as the rest of whoever is in your household obviously has to stay home quarantined for 7-10 days after testing positive for Covid. I’ll share with you guys some of the things that kept me busy as I was quarantined from december 15th all the way to January 9th. I was home for Christmas and New Years which although seems awful it kind of made the month of december easier to quarantine, only because you had something to look forward to. Outside of those two holidays I needed something to keep me busy on regular days so here are some of the movies/tv shows I watched 2-10 times:

Dirty Dancing - Prime Video
Hairspray - Prime Video
The Last Song - Prime Video
After We Collided - Netflix
The Grinch - Netflix

The list goes on, as for TV shows:
Baby Daddy - Hulu
Are You the One? - Netflix
World's Toughest Prisons - Netflix
60 Days In - Hulu

Hopefully this helped you out when you’re stuck in quarantine because it kept me busy for the majority of the time. As for other activities I didn't really do anything because it’s too cold to go outside and there is not much inside, besides playing pool with myself and cleaning but I am not cleaning anything I don’t have to. Hope you enjoy these few movies and shows!