Covid Safe Activities

Covid Safe Activities
Entrance to a corn mazeWith Covid-19 still going on there’s not much that’s left open with the exception of some seasonal openings of stores. Of course with halloween around the corner there’s limited things to do but most of these places have tried their best to keep the activities for the most part up and running.

To start we have haunted houses. There are still requirements when going, for instance, wearing a mask and social distancing, but they’re still open for fall with normal times and allowing their customers in like usual.

Another thing is corn mazes or pumpkin patches, both of which remain open. Some of these do not require masks because they are outdoors but it is a way to get out of the house and have a little bit of fun during a scary time.

Lastly, what everyone of all ages love, trick or treating. This mainly depends on where you trick or treat and their rules on it. Sugar Grove is still having theirs but masks and social distancing are required.

These three things aren’t the only activities available for you to do, extras would include carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin treats, or even just decorating your own home for the holidays. These are just the core three that are listed because they’re most popular.

By: Abbi Hintz