2021 Compatibility Test Results

2021 Compatibility Test Results
Valentine Heart CandyIn honor of Valentine’s Day, The Orbital sent out a compatibility test to match students who were in search of love or just in search of a new friend. Thanks to two of cupid’s helpers, Shyann and Rachel, here are the results!

*Disclaimer: These results are not based on our personal preferences/opinions, they were calculated based on answers to the test*

Hannah Parker ♡ Ashlyn Gerken
Faith Harmon ♡ Kelcee Essman
Addie Hedges ♡ Rachel Marshall
Heather Ramsey ♡ Audrey Gordish
Trace Rahm ♡ Abby Moore
Jason Hobson ♡ Cameron Chappius
Madyson Redinger ♡ Brian Adams
Mary McElfresh ♡ Mykaela Reed
Hudson Schultz ♡ Wesley Nye
Alex Warner ♡ Colt McCormick
Jacob Hamm ♡ Alexa Bowers
Gabriel Nye ♡ Amelia Hintz
Emma Luecke ♡ Albertina Mathewson
Samantha Ramsey ♡ Rey Selby
Kaitlin Braman ♡ Brody Scott-Juniper
John Beigl ♡ Jace Sharp
Trenten Gregory ♡ Julia Ribo
Shyann Finefrock ♡ Tanner Young
Levi Shafer ♡ Kaitlyn Kuhn
Noah Wise ♡ Mina Gronbach
Flint Roley ♡ Clint Sharp
Hannah Queen ♡ Chloe Kness
Ian Northrup ♡ Courtney Fleming
Ava Hintz ♡ Elizabeth Seagraves
Lauren Groves ♡ Zoey Warner
Riley Eden ♡ Layne Daubenmire
Morgan Cutright ♡ Sydney Miller
Millie Ballenger ♡ Kaitlyn Perkins
Sophia Kline ♡ Hudson Gerken
Anna Wellington ♡ Levi Gemienhardt
Cody Gilvin ♡ Israel Wellington
Amelia Dobbins ♡ Sierra Dearwester
Joseph Shull ♡ Ali Smith
Emma Hedges ♡ Scott Persinger
Denise Hurst ♡ Dominic Clum
Kaylee Wright ♡ Austin Snyder
Kolby Anderson ♡ Brooke Roe
Hannah Brown ♡ Kolton Kilbarger
Maggie Lundstrom ♡ Sierra Flowers
Amberly Brandt ♡ Cee-Jay Delong