10 Things to Do

10 Things to Do While in Quarantine
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This is a very boring time for everyone; it almost feels as if everyone is on house arrest. Here are 10 things to keep yourself busy.

*Reminder: Always be sure to wash your hands and stay at least 6 feet away from others. We all want this to be over as quickly as possible.

1. Do home workouts
All the gyms are currently closed and there is nowhere to go to workout other than our homes. With all this sitting around, it’s going to encourage people to do nothing and eat all day. Don’t let that happen. Lookup a workout to follow to keep yourself in shape. It’s also a great way to take away stress.

Breakfast foods2. Cook dinner for your family
You could have themes for each dinner to make it fun or learn how to cook something you never have before.

3. Play video games
This is a great way to pass time and a way to talk to your friends.

4. Go through your clothes
Going through your old clothes is a perfect thing to do during this time. After the quarantine is over you could donate them for people who need them or you can sell them as a way to make money.

5. Clean your room/house
You have all the time in the world to clean your room and reorganize it. You also could help your parents clean up the house (they’d probably really appreciate it).

Netflix Logo6. Watch a new TV show/movie series

This tip is pretty self-explanatory so here are a few suggestions: On Netflix, Shameless, Vampire Diaries, On my Block, Gossip Girl, All American, The Office, You, Grey’s Anatomy, All the Bright Places, After, The Spectacular Now, and many more. On Hulu, Euphoria, One Tree Hill, This is Us, Parks and Recreation.

7. Pick up a new hobby
Whether it’s painting, drawing, or anything else, it’s a good time to find a new interest to keep yourself busy.

Cave and Woods8. Take walks to new places/go on a hike

All the parks are currently still open. There is Alley Park, Old Man’s Cave, and many more. Go outside!

9. Bond with your family
There has never been a more perfect opportunity to spend time with your family. Have a family game night or make TikToks. We are going to be stuck in our houses for a while and we might as well make it fun.

10. Read a book
This is only a good idea if you have tried the past 9 tips.

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Written by: Hannah Parker