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The Berne Union Orbital is written and produced by Mrs. Destadio’s Journalism class, a group of students in the 10th through 12th grade. Students publish monthly articles with information about activities in the High school, trending social media topics and the latest news around the world. The class also produces weekly video announcements to update students on news from the school and in the world. Videos are posted to the Youtube channel, BU Launchpad.



Picture of Christmas Lights
Dating During Quarantine
Now that it is nearing Christmas, it is the perfect time to go on cute dates with your significant other. Although we are currently in quarantine and can’t do much, you can still make it a memorable holiday season with your boyfriend or girlfriend by….
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2020 Basketball Cheerleaders
This year, because of the new regulations of COVID-19, our basketball cheerleading squad will only be at the home games. The 4 girls on the team have had to make some adjustments to the usual rules of cheerleading because of the virus, but they are still excited to be able to have a squad during this time. The team consists of two juniors and two seniors, so next year there will need to be more interest by other students so next year’s seniors are able to have their final year.
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Covid-19 Vaccine
What You Need To Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine
The world has been put on standby. Countries and their citizens have been awaiting a return to normalcy since the beginning of 2020. As the year comes to a close, we are hoping the new year rings in renewed hope for an optimistic outlook on life. On December 11th the FDA announced what we’ve been waiting to hear since March, “The vaccine is ready to be distributed”. But despite the relief millions of Americans felt after being given the news, many were skeptical, and even reacted with opposition. Why is this? The stigma surrounding the vaccine is most likely due to the misconception that the vaccine was completely created in the last year. In reality, scientists have been studying this kind of virus for decades.
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Winter Activities
It’s winter in case you didn’t conclude that from the 3.5 inches of snow we got at THANKSGIVING!!! It’s been a couple years since we’ve even had a white Christmas but that’s besides the point. When it snows, there’s so much to do instead of staying inside all day and watching TV. With that being said, here’s a few activities to do when it snows!!
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Magic 8 Ball
Favorite Toys of Each Decade
Each decade brings a changing culture, atmosphere, as well as constant innovation. This leads to different toys on the market, and completely different popular toys each decade. In the spirit of the holidays, this is a list of the most popular toys from each decade and what I think of each one.
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Astrological Clock
Zodiac Signs and Christmas
Zodiac signs share characteristics of your personality based on your birthday. Today, you will find out which Christmas item or character you are most like based on your zodiac sign.
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Scrabble tiles that say vote
Name Change Coming for Berne Union Virtual Classes
Considering most classes are taken online these days, it has been difficult for the virtual classes offered at Berne Union to stand out. However, nothing compares to the quality, convenience, and knowledge offered through these courses! This is why we must rename the virtual classes with something as awesome as what they have to offer Berne Union students.
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