Virtual Class

High School Virtual Course Offerings 2019-2020

Each course earns 0.5 HS credit.
Each half-credit and final grade counts toward a student’s HS GPA.

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Rocket Academy Packet 2019-2020

 Math  Language Arts  Social Studies
Pre-Algebra Developmental Writing Geography and Society
Algebra with Finance Business Math Public Speaking World Geography
Calculus Journalism  
Consumer Math Creative Writing
Explorations in Mathematics Reading and Writing for Purpose  
Statistics Speech and Debate  

 Science & Health  Arts & Technology  World Languages
Introductory Astronomy 2-D Computer Animation Chinese
Astronomy: Exploring the Universe 3-D Computer Modeling French
Concepts of Engineering and Technology Introduction to Graphic Design German
Health, Fitness & Nutrition Game Design Japanese
Personal Fitness Web Design Latin
Introduction to Psychology Art History American Sign Language
Introduction to Sociology Art and World Cultures  
Earth Science Introduction to Drawing  
Earth Space Science Fundamentals of Art  
Marine Science Digital Photography I  
  Digital Photography II  
  Living Music I  
  Living Music II  

 Business, Communication, and Technology  Career and Technical Education
Accounting Career Planning & Skill Development
Administrative Duties and Office Management Concepts of Engineering and Technology
Advertising and Sales Promotion Criminal Investigation
Business Communication Emergent Computer Technology
Business Information Systems Java Programming
Business Law Introduction to Criminal Justice
Business Math Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Own Business Introduction to Homeland Security
Human Resource Management Introduction to Law
International Business Introduction to Medical Assisting
Introduction to Communication Introduction to the Paralegal Profession
Introduction to Finance Medical Law and Ethics
Introduction to Online Learning Medical Terminology
Leadership and Supervision in Business Research Methods
Principles of Management  
Principles of Marketing  
Social Media  
Sports Management  

Middle School Virtual Course Offerings 2019-2020

Each course earns MS credit when completed.
Each MS credit with final grade becomes part of a student’s MS record.

 Supplementary Core Classes  Technology and Careers
Gifted and Talented Literature Study MS Career Exploration
  MS Careers II
  MS Journalism
  Educational Technology & Online Learning WebQuest
 World Languages  Arts and Humanities
Chinese Art
Sign Language Exploring Music
Spanish MS Digital Art and Design
  Home Life

(Course offerings are subject to change without notice.)