Spreading the Sparkle

Spreading the Sparkle
This is an image of a girl holding a sparkler. It is supposed to be symbolic of someone spreading the sparkle.Spreading the Sparkle’s Christmas Assistance Program

Berne Union is a small, rural school district located in Sugar Grove. We have one school building that accommodates Preschool-12th grade. Our total enrollment is approximately 935 students with about 48% of the students qualifying for free and reduced lunches. Over the past year, with the help of local businesses and community members, we have established a program called “Spreading the Sparkle.” Although Spreading the Sparkle benefits Berne Union students, it is not affiliated with Berne Union Local School District. We are registered as a non-profit organization through the State of Ohio and have applied for an EIN, along with a 501c3 non-profit status.

Spreading the Sparkle has already distributed “Sparkle Boxes” to each Elementary classroom. These Sparkle Boxes include a variety of healthy, classroom friendly snacks. This supply of snacks is intended for the students that may come to school late and miss the school breakfast, or maybe the student that does not have a snack for the designated class snack time. Although this food is intended to be discreetly given to students in need, it can be distributed to any student at the teacher’s discretion.

Sparkle Boxes are just the beginning as we have set many goals for our organization. Our goals include, but are not limited to, starting a program where students take home a backpack of food for the weekends and extended breaks, continuing White Christmas, opening a food pantry in Sugar Grove, and offering a Summer Lunch program for our kids.

As we are quickly approaching the Christmas season, Spreading the Sparkle will continue White Christmas under a new name. Our Christmas Assistance program provides food, toiletries and gifts of toys and clothes to students and their families that need the help. We will be holding a Penny Harvest (Kindergartners collect pennies to help us buy perishable items for the families), the rest of the school collects and donates canned and boxed food and toiletry items. We are currently looking for individuals and companies to adopt a family. Some companies adopt a family and then collect gifts for the children that their employees have donated. Other companies directly purchase items for the children.

If you or your company are interested in helping us Spread the Sparkle in our small community by adopting a family or simply making a donation (towards perishable food items), please contact us. We sincerely appreciate your consideration in making the holiday season cheerful for one of our Berne Union families.

Thank You,
Angie Barnes and Jamie Queen

Visit our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/390183834786283/

“Everywhere you go, leave a glitter trail of kindness behind you. Someone who needs it may just pick it up”