ROX Coming to Berne Union High School

ROX (Ruling Our Experiences) Coming to Berne Union High School
Logo for ROX (Ruling our Experiences)

We are excited to announce that the ROX program is coming to Berne Union High School! ROX stands for Ruling Our Experiences and is the nation’s non-profit leader in programming, research, and education focused on girls. ROX is designed to increase girls’ confidence and assertive communication skills. Topics covered in the program will include: showing leadership, conflict and communication, healthy relationships with other girls, healthy dating relationships, verbal self-defense, physical self-defense, coping skills, redefining beauty standards in our culture, and social media.

Girls that are interested should contact Mrs. Hanes, Mrs. Poling, or Mr. Heath to sign up. Girls that are selected via a lottery system will meet once or twice a week during their study hall to engage in group discussion and skill work. The program will last for one semester. Please see the video links to learn more.

What is ROX?:

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