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Purchase Playoff Tickets
Posted on 10/28/2021
QR Code Flyer for Ticket PurchaseTickets are now available for the OHSAA tournament. You can purchase tickets two ways. You can either go to and select the sport you wish to attend (We are Division VII Region 27) or simply opening the camera app on any smart phone and pointing it at the QR code provided below. The QR code will take a fan directly to the tickets page and save a few clicks. If you can also tap on the QR image below and save it to your photos. Once saved, open photos and browse to that image and click the scan button in the bottom right hand corner. When you tap on the image again, it will prompt you to open it in a web browser. This works on any web based QR code. Don't forget to purchase your tickets early and come out and support your BU Rockets!

Tournament QR Code