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Chromebook Pickup and Orientation

Image of a Chromebook

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we draw closer to the start of the school year, I would like to make you aware of changes made to the Chromebook program for this year. Below is a list of times and dates for you to pick up your child’s Chromebook. In order to pick up the Chromebook the following items must be completed.

  • You will receive an envelope from the school in the mail in the next couple of days. Inside this envelope are several forms that must be completed. The white pages contain all the information you need, while the yellow pages are the forms that must be completed and returned. All yellow pages must be returned before you can pickup a Chromebook. To save yourself time, please fill out the forms and bring them in with you. 
  • All Chromebook damage fines must be paid before you can pickup or checkout a loaner Chromebook.
  • Your child needs to be with you to pick up the Chromebook so that we can make sure that they can login to it successfully. Students will not be able to pickup a Chromebook without a parent/guardian present.

    Again, all of the above must be completed before you can pick up your Chromebook. We will have forms available if you forget them, but if you fill these out and bring them with you, you will be able to get out much quicker. If you have damage fines from the previous year, your child will not be eligible for a loaner Chromebook until that fine has been paid.

    If you have to reschedule your child’s pickup/orientation. Please contact the High School office at 740-746-9956 to make arrangements.

    Chromebook Pickup/Orientation

    August 8
    5th Grade – 6:00pm 6th Grade – 7:00pm

    August 9
    7th Grade – 6:00pm 8th Grade – 7:00pm 9th Grade – 8:00pm

    August 10
    10th Grade – 6:00pm 11th Grade – 7:00pm 12th Grade – 8:00pm

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Exciting Changes Coming


There are quite a few exciting changes coming to Berne Union starting the upcoming 16-17 school year. We wanted to take a moment to share a few of them with you.

First, starting this year, Berne Union will be moving to a one-to-one program we are calling the EDGE program. Each student from K-12 that attends Berne Union will receive a Chromebook to use for their education. We believe this will greatly increase student achievement and have a huge impact in the classroom. More information about this program will be coming in the next few weeks.

Second, each student will now have access to Office 365 online in addition to Google Docs. This will allow our students to access the whole office suite online from their Chromebooks, phones, tablets, etc without having to download or install anything. If they want to download a version on their home computer, they will be able to, since each student will also have 5 licenses to install on personal devices. This can be done directly from the Office 365 web page.

Finally, we will be introducing a new learning management solution at Berne Union called Schoology. This will allow students to login to our new site and check homework, submit assignments, take tests/quizzes, communicate with their teachers and so much more. We will also be enabling parent access so they can view their child’s info and monitor their progress.

This is just a few of the things we have in store for next year. We hope this is as exciting for you as it is for us, but for now enjoy the rest of your Summer! We will see you in August!

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Art III Collaboration

art 3 project

Art III students collaborated together to design & complete three large-scale paintings for the new Chromebook lab in the high school. These paintings will be a welcome addition to the room.

art 3 project

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