Preschool Announcement

Welcome to Berne Union’s Little Learners Preschool! We are looking forward to working with you and your child this school year! Our dedicated staff is determined to fill this year with wonderful learning experiences for your child.


REQUIRED FORMS – There are numerous required forms that were provided at preschool orientation (new students) or sent home in backpacks (returning students). Please bring ALL required forms with you on Preschool Orientation Night (see below). Students will not be permitted to start preschool until all forms are turned  in completed.


PRESCHOOL ORIENTATION – Preschool Orientation will be Thursday, August 20 at 6:00 pm. Please go to your child’s classroom upon arrival.  Preschool Orientation gives both parents and children a chance to meet the teacher, see the classroom, and ask any questions.  The staff will also be doing a presentation on the preschool curriculum.  Please bring with you on Preschool Orientation night your child’s school supplies (unlabeled, as they will be placed in community supply bins), nap supplies, two full changes of clothing in a marked bag (include 2 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 pairs of underwear, and 2 pairs of socks), and toileting supplies (1 pack each of wipes and pull-ups) in a marked bag, if toileting supplies are needed.


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL/STAGGERED START We will be doing a staggered school entrance again this year, which provides the students and teacher the opportunity the build rapport, allows students the opportunity to learn about classroom guidelines and routines, and gives students the chance to become familiar with their classroom and school building in a smaller environment prior to meeting all of their classmates. Half of the students will attend on Monday and Tuesday only, August 24 and 25, and the other half of the students will attend on Wednesday and Thursday only, August 26 and 27. Please remember that there is no preschool on Fridays, so all preschoolers will attend together  on Monday, August  31 for the first time.  You should have received a packet with a half sheet of paper that tells you whether your child will attend Monday/Tuesday, or Wednesday/Thursday.


There will be NO preschool on Thursday, August 20 (the first day of school for grades K-12). The preschool staff will be involved in curriculum planning/training on this  day.


TUITION -Just a reminder that two tuition payments are due prior to the start of school.  Payment #1 was due on May 1, 2015.  Payment #2 is due on August 3, 2015.  Each payment is $308.00.  Students will not be permitted to start school until both payments are made.  Payments #3-10 are due on the first school day of each month from September-April.


We are looking forward to getting to know your child and family this upcoming school year!


If you have any questions, please call the district office at (740) 746-8341 between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.

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