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Summer Yearbook Sale Promotion 2017

Summer Yearbook Sale Promotion


Promotion Form

Summer Yearbook Sale Promotion

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Order Your 2017 Yearbooks Today

2017 Yearbook Order

2017YBOrder 2017 Yearbook Order

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Free Physicals


FREE Physicals

Thursday, May 25 beginning at 6:00 pm Berne Union Athletic Department is offering “FREE” physicals to students entering grades 7-12.  All athletes are required to have a complete physical to participate in sports.  Athletes must complete the 2017-18 Athletic Sport Packet that is available in the athletic offices of Mr. Hurst or Mrs. Downour. They will also be available in the High School Office.  Students are reminded to bring the packet with them to physical night. Please have entire packet completed and signed by a parent/guardian upon arrival to physical night.

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Yearbook Spring Promotion

Yearbook Spring Break Promotional Offer Picture

Act now to secure your yearbook with the Spring Break Promotional Offer. Forms and payments are due Thursday,  April 13, 2017. See below for more details.


Yearbook Spring Break Promotional Offer Picture



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B.U.nited Project

BUnited Logo
BUnited Logo
This year, two students (Abby Hintz and Gabby Sheets) have started a community service project they have called The B.U.nited Project.
The goal of their project was to give high school students an opportunity for community service hours, to bring the community together, and begin a new tradition at Berne Union while simultaneously helping the homeless that occupy Foundation Shelters in Lancaster. They are going to have two drives per year: one for the colder seasons and another for the warmer seasons. They recently held their first drive called the T&T drive (Tampons and T-Shirts Drive) and it was a huge success.
This is a brand new idea for the high school, which is part of reason why they loved the idea of starting it in the first place. However, we really need your help to bring more peoples’ attention to it.
Please take the time to check out the linked video below and make sure to stop by and check out their website. They have been working really hard.
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Rockin Sock Drive

Rockin Sock Drive Image


The Rockin Sock drive was a huge success. The back of our truck is full of socks, feminine products and shirts.

The kids collected the socks this morning. They apologized if they missed your room, if they did you can send them down to my room with one of your students OR let me know I will get them.
Thanks to everyone!  They were really excited. They don’t have the total number of socks that was collected yet, but will let us all know soon.
Rockin Sock Drive Image
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Upcoming Career Center Events

Below you will find information about a few upcoming events at Eastland-Fairfield Career Center.


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President’s Day

mount rushmore

There will be no school February 20 in order to observe President’s Day.

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The Election


Come enjoy Berne Union Theater’s upcoming production of “The Election”. It’s a comedy that centers around a high school student body election (that ironically mirrors what we’ve been seeing in the media concerning the current national election).

Saturday November 19th at 7:00 p.m.
Sunday November 20th at 2:00 p.m.
Adults: $8.00
Students: $5.00
You can contact Mrs. Hackett at or Mrs. McEvoy at for more information.
Promo Video:

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2016 Yearbooks Have Arrived!

Yearbook Image

If you wish to pick up a purchased yearbook, call the high school office before noon (740-746-9956), provide a name, and pick it up by the end of the day.  If you call later than noon, you will have to pick up the yearbook during the next school day.

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