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Honor Society Tapping 2017

Honor Society Tapping 2017


On Thursday, March 9, the Berne Union High School Chapter of the National Honor Society held it’s annual induction ceremony.  This year, 19 students were selected for membership based on the pillars of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  Congratulations to the Induction Class of 2017.


Zaid Abdulsalam, Michaela Banville, Sarah Bieber, Robert Brendsel, Taylor Carpenter, Julia Folden, Alexis Gavorcik, Abigail Hintz, Samantha Lowe, Theodore McCormack, James Muncie, Joseph Muncie, Paige Probasco, Andrew Ribo, Jacob Ricker, Gabrielle Sheets, Xandra Taskey, Jacob Tharp, and Casandra Woodgeard.


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Honor Society Trip with Forest Rose

Smiling for the camera

In February, National Honor Society students spent a day with students from Forest Rose.  We toured the school and spoke with the staff about some of the interventions they have for their students (voice devices, sensory room, swimming pool).  Then, we went bowling with the students at Tiki Lanes.  It was a great day with BU and Forest Rose students just hanging out together and being kids.


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Senior Baby Ads

Baby Yawning

Senior Baby Ads for the High School Yearbook are due on Friday, March 3. If you would like to participate, please fill out and return the form below.

Senior Ad Contract

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Upcoming Career Center Events

Below you will find information about a few upcoming events at Eastland-Fairfield Career Center.


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Showboat 2017

Showboat 2017


Showboat is just around the corner. Please plan on coming out to join us for an exciting event you won’t forget.


February 23, 24, 25 at 7:30

February 26 at 2:30

Price of Admission:    Adults $7      Students $5

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conference

Parent/teacher conferences are being held next Thursday, Feb 16, after school and next Friday, Feb 17, in the morning. Please be aware that there is no school for students on February 17th as conferences will be held during normal school hours.


If you would like to schedule a conference and have not yet done so, please contact your child’s school to setup an appointment.

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2016 Yearbooks Have Arrived!

Yearbook Image

If you wish to pick up a purchased yearbook, call the high school office before noon (740-746-9956), provide a name, and pick it up by the end of the day.  If you call later than noon, you will have to pick up the yearbook during the next school day.

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New Scholarship Announcement


New Scholarship Announced!

The Berne Union Veterans Committee is excited to announce the creation of the “Mike Spires Community Service Scholarship.” Mike Spires was a military veteran who continued his commitment to service after his enlisted time ended. Mike was a great leader of our community and a huge supporter of anything and everything Berne Union.  To ensure his legacy, we have created this annual scholarship to be awarded to a Berne Union Senior who has exhibited the same qualities of Mike including: experience in community service and/or volunteerism as well as compassion towards others.

Scholarship Applications are available in the High School office, or can be picked up from Mrs. Downour, Mr. Saunders or Mr. Cupp. Deadline for returning applications is Wednesday October 12. Please help us get the word out so the most deserving candidate can be recognized at this year’s Veterans Assembly on Friday November, 11.

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High School Orientation and Chromebook Distribution


This year, we will be combining our High School orientation days with our Chromebook distribution for 5th – 12th grade students. Below are a list of dates and times for the corresponding grade levels.

Monday, August 8th

  • 7th grade – 6pm
  • 8th grade – 7pm
  • 9th grade – 8pm

Tuesday, August 9th

  • 10th grade – 6pm
  • 11th grade – 7pm
  • 12th grade – 8pm

Wednesday, August 10th

  • 5th grade – 6pm
  • 6th grade – 7pm
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Journalism Field Trip 2016


Mrs. Mauro’s Journalism class recently visited Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication where they met with student ambassadors and toured the brand new facility. They also met with Undergrad Director of Journalism Dr. Eddith Dashielland Professors Karen Riggs and Kyle Snyder of Media Arts & Studies. After the informative and insightful meetings, the students were able to relax and enjoy a nice greasy slice of pizza from OU’s well-known Goodfella’s Pizza. This is the second year Journalism has been able to travel to Athens and once again it was a huge success.

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