B.U.nited Project

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This year, two students (Abby Hintz and Gabby Sheets) have started a community service project they have called The B.U.nited Project.
The goal of their project was to give high school students an opportunity for community service hours, to bring the community together, and begin a new tradition at Berne Union while simultaneously helping the homeless that occupy Foundation Shelters in Lancaster. They are going to have two drives per year: one for the colder seasons and another for the warmer seasons. They recently held their first drive called the T&T drive (Tampons and T-Shirts Drive) and it was a huge success.
This is a brand new idea for the high school, which is part of reason why they loved the idea of starting it in the first place. However, we really need your help to bring more peoples’ attention to it.
Please take the time to check out the linked video below and make sure to stop by and check out their website. They have been working really hard.
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