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Biddy Football Camp

Berne Union will be holding a biddy football camp children entering grades 2 through 6 for the 2015-16 school year. The Camp will be June 29th – July 1st from 6-8 pm on the Berne Union High School practice field. For more information and cost of the camp see the flyer below.

2015 Biddy Camp Flyer

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Football Fundraisers

The football team has several fundraisers coming up that I wanted you all to know about:
Max & Erma’s
This Tuesday, June 2nd, we will once again be having a Max & Erma’s fundraiser at the Lancaster restaurant. Below is a flyer that when presented at any time during Tuesday, Max & Erma’s will donate 20% of your bill back to the football team. This applies to lunch, dinner, and carry out orders. Please feel free to forward the flyer to anyone else who you think may want to also participate and help us out.
T-Shirt Sales
FanCloth: I have also attached a copy of a brief sale we are doing through FanCloth. The baseball team did a sale through this same company and the shirts turned out very nice. We are making this a quick sale, requesting all orders and money by the end of next week. If you would like to place an order please see the graphic below and send in your request and money. All checks need to be made out to Berne Union Athletic Boosters. Items should be back by the last week of June.
Online T-Shirt Sale: We will also be selling t-shirts and other clothing items through our football website: The team shop will be up and running June 5th, a link to the shop will be on the left side of the home page.
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Every Minute Counts

Working one on one

Fun and involved lessons are important when teaching children.  However, what makes just as much difference is putting in the extra effort to ensure one student understands what is being taught-even with 5 days left in the school year!  Kudos to Stacey Carlo for making a difference!

Working one on one

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Kindergarten Program

If you missed the Kindergarten program yesterday, you can view the video here. Please feel free to let others know if they missed it.

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Preschool Program 2015

Preschool Students

Today, was Berne Union’s Preschool program. In case you missed it or know someone who did, here is the video of the program. Feel free to share it with those you know.


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Marathon Pipeline LLC Presentation

Last week, the 3rd grade classes had the opportunity to attend a safe digging program by Marathon Pipeline LLC where they learned to call 811 to have markings posted for safe digging. Students also received a pizza party next on Tuesday and submitted their posters to be entered in for a drawing to win a $25 gift card to Walmart with one winner being chosen per third grade class!




Update: The winners were Lily Wright, Audrey Bingaman, Miguel Nihiser & Luke Funk

image1 image2 image3 IMG_0219

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Preschool Buddies


Mrs. Harris’ third grade class and Mrs. Smith’s preschool class met with their buddies to do a personal narrative introduction prompt on how they helped either someone else or an animal.  The preschool students told their buddy how they helped someone or something while their buddy wrote down the introduction to the prompt. Finally, the preschooler illustrated it! Check out some of the pictures below.


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Wahkeena Nature Preserve Trip


This trip was at Wahkeena Nature Preserve over the study of living things which consisted a Pond Ecosystem where students had the chance to use nets to search for living things and identify with cards what they got.  They also went on a discovery hike and in the Nature Center to look at living things and hold a rat snake!


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HOPE CPR Demonstration


Today our fourth graders participated in the HOPE (Hands-Only Practical Experience) CPR demonstration presented by the Fairfield Medical Center Snider Cardiovascular Institute.  They learned valuable life saving techniques to help them if they are ever in a situation where someone needs HOPE CPR or the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Below are some of the images from the event.


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4th Grade Statehouse Visit


The fourth graders had the opportunity to visit the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on Thursday, May 21st.  The students were able to see where the vital business of state government is conducted that they have been studying about this year.  Also during our visit, the students were able to stand on the spot where President Lincoln’s body lay while in state 150 years ago, tour the Governor’s office, as well as the Senate and House chambers. Below are some pictures. Hope you enjoy!


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