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High School Testing Schedule


The high school has the following upcoming testing dates:

April 14 – English/Language Art (End of Year)

          Grades 7, 8, 9

          8 – 9:15 am

          12:15 – 1:45 pm

April 20 – Math (End of Year)

         Algebra 1, Geometry, Integrated Math 1 & 2

         Grades 7, 8

         8 – 9:15 am

         12:15 – 1:45 pm

May 4 – Science (End of Year)

         Physical Science

         Grade 8

         8 – 9:15 am

May 6 – Government & American History (End of Year)

         8 – 9:15 am


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Buddies Working Together


It’s always better to work with a partner. In Mrs. Gerardi’s and Mrs. Saunders’ classes that is what happens. Each year students are assigned a “buddy” from a different grade. The students get together several times throughout the year (about once a month) to do a project with their buddies.  They write letters/cards to each other, do an Oreo science investigation activity, work on crafts and other various activities throughout the year.  The activity pictured below was to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  The students read Dr. Seuss books with their buddy, cut out the letters in the title “Cat in the Hat” and had a competition to see who could make the most words, and then created a Thing 1 and Thing 2 art activity using theirs and their buddy’s hand prints. Working together makes learning fun!


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5th & 6th Grade Field Trip


After all of the testing that had to be done this year, sometime it’s nice to let the kids unwind a little. Recently, our 5th and 6th graders went on a field trip to relax from all the testing they went through. It was a day filled with bowling, hiking at Alley Park, and lunch at Golden Corral. Thanks to the PTO and Mr. Templin, the kids had a great day! Below are a few of the pictures from the trip.


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Class Performance

Grades Clipart


Would you like to be able to keep track of how your child/children are doing in school without having to wait until report cards come out? Berne Union schools utilizes an online grade book program called Progressbook in grades 3-12. With Progressbook, a parent can login with a unique username and passwords and actively monitor their child/children’s progress as they go through the year. If you haven’t registered for access already, all you need is a registration code to begin. Once you have that code, you can click on the Parents tab on our website and select Progressbook. You will then choose our school and signup. Follow the prompts to create your own username and password and you can begin monitoring progress right away.


If you need a registration code, please contact our Technology Coordinator at and request to have your registration code sent to you. You will need to include your name, child/children’s name and grade.

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April Lunch Menus Posted

Image of pasta and vegetables

The April school lunch menus have been posted under the corresponding school tabs. If you would like to see what lunches will be served throughout the month of April, please check under your child’s school tab.

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Photos from Awards Ceremony

Photo of a camera lens


Here are a few photos from yesterday’s Elementary awards ceremony. Hope you enjoy!


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End Of Year Assessments

Chalkboard with word test written on it


Dear Parents,

All students in grades 3-6 will take the state of Ohio’s End of Year (EOY) Assessments, in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, beginning this April.

Our test schedule will be as follows:


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Grades 3-6


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Grade 6 ONLY


Thursday, April 23, 2015


Grades 3-6


Friday, April 24, 2015


Grades 3-6


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Grade 5 ONLY


Grades 4 and 6

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3rd Nine Weeks Perfect Attendance

Perfect Clipart



Cameron Brown                        Riley Dawson                            Makenzie Fritz                          Gavin Gerardi

Jeremy Hartmann                     Evan Jackson                            Blake Krile                                 Braden Martin

Joshua Nye                                Ethan Reeves                             Veronica Springer                    Ross Walker


1st grade

Summer Barrett                       Kenny Boetcher                         Ezra Clark                         Haylee Daubenmire

Cameron Davis                         Joshua Eyman                           Michaela Fisher               Addy Hamilton

Austin Hartmann                     Avery Hedges                             Ayden Hicks                     Xavier Johnson

Carter Jubach                            Nakotah Kaufman                    Hunter Lanier                  Nickolas McConnell

Bailey McCormick                    Abi Miller                                    Colt Probasco                   Anna Queen

Courtney Severance                 Cody Thompson                         Elijha Thompson


2nd grade

Chase Bolen                               Jack Carle                                 Elijah Clark                         Beau Cutright

Luke Cutright                            Jaeden DeLong                        Conner Dennis                   Drew Kerkes

Donaven Luckhaupt                Olivia Lundstrom                    Tyler Martin                       Abby McManis

Andru Motta                             Gage Pack                                  Abbie Pike                          Denver Roley

Zoe Schorr                                 Brandon Schultz                      Eli Schwegler                     Evan Shoemaker

Taylor Tallerico                        Aiden Tippen                            Will Venrick                       Rozalin White

Colton Woodgeard


3rd grade

Wyatt Adams                            Audrey Bingaman                  Amberly Brandt                     Briella Carle

Layne Daubenmire                  Meghan Dearwester              Michael Delgado                    Prestin Delgado

Holden Diehl                            Cody Gilvin                              Skylee Hankison                    Denise Hurst

Ben Jubach                               Kolton Kilbarger                     Alyssa Lester                          Danielle Luca

Miquel Nihiser                         Emma Oakes                           Stacie Phipps                          Samantha Ramsey

Breanna Reeves                       Julia Ribo                                 Reese Richards                      Braylan Vandagriff

Lily Wright                                Cady Young


4th grade

John Beigl                                 Justin Benson                          Morgan Cutright                   Amelia Dobbins

Jameson Effinger                    JJ Gillum                                   Alicia Gilvin                          Jordan Goss

Emma Hedges                         Hope Hyde                                Maggie Lundstrom              Kaitlyn McManis

Daniel Miller                            Caddis Moody                          Abby Moore                           Ian Northrup

Gabe Nye                                   Scott Persinger                        Brice Zigan-Persinger         Anna Pike

Alea Rarick                               Liam Roby                                Flint Roley                             Rey Selby

Levi Shafer                               Jace Sharp                                 Riley Spangler                      Madison Speakman

Destiny Warren


5th grade

Brian Adams                           Lance Burroughs                      CJ Carmichael                       Garrett Carpenter

Christopher Delgado             Connor Godenschwager         Lauren Groves                       Bradley Hartmann

Abbi Hintz                               Samantha Hurst                       Lexi Hyme                              Levi Leffman

Makenna Liff                          Dillon McCreary                       Wesley Nye                             Hannah Queen

Heather Ramsey                    Brooke Roe                                Cambria Ross                         Ali Smith

Ian Staten                                Ashton Tipple                           Cecily Woodgeard


6th grade

Marisa Adams                        Wesley Adams                          Nick Barrett                             McKenna Bolen

Addie Browning                     Cameron Chappius                 Garrett Dixon                           Alexi Effinger

Shyann Finefrock                  Camille Haley                           Addie Hedges                           Amber Jones

Tyler Kerkes                           Mackenzie McCormack          Sydney Miller                           Lydia Nauman

Mark Sanchez Jr.                  Clint Sharp                                Brandon Shoemaker               Zoey Souders

Scotty Thompson                  Alex Warner                              Emily Winegardner

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3rd Nine Weeks Good Citizen Award

Award Clipart

The following students were recognized for good citizenship at our 3rd nine weeks award assemblies during the 14/15 school year:


Super KIDS

Miley McKee                 Ava Schwegler               Denver Roley

Cheyenne Peitsmeyer      Trinity Norman              Olivia Lundstrom

Bryant Barnhart             Levi Davis                     Courtney Severance

Haylee Deal                   Clayton Moore               Rozalin White

Haylee Daubenmire        Arissa Shonk                 Ryder Smith


3rd grade

Ed Selby                       Hunter Queen                Ben Jubach

Danielle Luca                Levi Gemienhardt          Madeline Winegardner

Lainey Rivers                Jalissa McDonald            Braylen Vandagriff


4th grade

Morgan Cutright            Jordan Wade                  Alexis Arbaugh

Devon Hines                  Scott Persinger               Jordan Goss


5th grade

Hannah Queen               DJ Richards                   Bradley Hartmann

Ashton Tipple                Aero Merchant


6th grade

Faith Harmon                Scotty Thompson           McKenna Bolen

Mykaela Reed                Shyann Finefrock           Madison Wolfe

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3rd Nine Weeks Effort Roll

Happy Pencil Graphic

The following students earned “E” (effort) Honor Roll status during the 3rd nine week grading period of the 14/15 school year:



Super KIDS

Rylee North                   Nakotah Kaufman          Ray Davenport-Jimenez

Ben Gronbach                Zoey Seagraves              Cody Homan

Brighten Brandt             Landon Myers                Sammy Everett

Joshua Eyman                Elena Smith                   Jude Creamer

Colt Probasco                Nickolas McConnell       Kade Ballenger


3rd grade

Brayden Haley               Skylee Hankison            Clarissa Sanchez

Jakub Akers                   Devon Hines                  Audrey Bingaman

Eli Jones                       Alyssa Lester                 Emma Oakes



4th grade

Zoey Warner                 Katie McManis               Luke Shafer

Shelby Selby                 Nate Nemeth                  Miller Ballenger



5th grade

Lexie Hyme                   Chantelle Hunt               Abbi Hintz

Hannah Motta                Cecily Woodgeard



6th grade                  

Mark Sanchez Jr.            Camille Haley                Mackenzie McCormack

Addie Hedges                Karli Cutright                Zoey Souders


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